It’s 2020. I’m currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia by myself. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to move back to my parents’ house until the situation got better. Staying at home for months definitely change the way that I live. I miss eating out at restaurants with my friends, going to a book store, and travelling to different places.

On the plus side, I’ve been using this opportunity to adjust myself for remote working. Previously, every time I tried to work remotely, I ended up going to the office because I prefer working side by side with my teammates and I worried about my productivity. Fortunately, I found some really good resources, especially a book called REMOTE and Ambition & Balance blog. Gradually, I started to reap the benefit of remote working and getting used to asynchronous communication.

I’ve been working as a software engineer at Traveloka for the past 2 years, primarily working with React Native and design system. This year, I decided to take a very early sabbatical by attending the Master of Computer Science program at the University of Melbourne.

I’m having curiosity at some emerging technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Bioinformatics) and would love to take some time to dig deep into these fields. Recently, I started to run `pip install qiskit` and try to experiment with quantum circuits.

Outside work, I’m climbing the trophy ladder at Brawl Stars. I love playing Showdown event using heavyweight brawlers and watching Brawl Stars championships.

A now page, inspired after looking at this.