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Hello, World!

This is officially my first post on this blog!

I started learning how to write a blog post by contributing to Traveloka Engineering Blog. Together with my colleagues, I co-authored two articles: React Native at Traveloka: An Introduction and Traveloka Icon Kit: The Single Source of Icons. During the writing process, I was lucky that many people (including some higher-ups) gives me valuable feedbacks on how to properly communicate my thoughts. I remember revising each blog at least five times until it was good enough to be published.

Having some experience writing engineering blogs and the fact that I simply enjoy reading other people’s blog, I decided to take a first step and launch my own. For now, I’m still using gatsby-starter-lumen with a simple Netlify setup. Gradually, I will enhance the site and write more posts.

My aspiration is pretty straightforward: I would like to use this blog to share my experience and knowledge throughout my career. Hopefully some of you will find this blog useful, or at least enjoyable to read.